Linkwood Primary School


Moray Council

Main Contractor:

Balfour Beatty



In 2019 and continuing into 2020, our team successfully executed a new build project for Balfour Beatty, on Linkwood Primary School located in Elgin. This case study highlights the intricate details and innovative techniques employed to bring this project to fruition.

A Kingspan Topdeck composite panel was utilised for the high level roof which was installed via crane and vacuum lifter due to the size and weight of each panel. There was then a membrane walkway, a weighted guard rail system and glazed rooflights which were all carried out under our package by various sub-contractors within our supply chain.

The low level roof was made up of a vapour control layer onto a concrete deck, insulation boards, a fleece layer and finally a protan membrane roof finish. Following the completion of the protan roof, another layer of protective fleece was then installed followed by a stone pebbled ballast. The other section of the protan roof had 600 x 600 slabs installed on adjustable feet to ensure the slabs were all lined and levelled.

The wall cladding build up consisted of a bar and bracket spacer system, insulation wool within the cavity and a horizontal sinusoidal aluminium painted top sheet including all necessary flashings. The other areas of wall cladding on this project consisted of vertically installed fire treated Siberian larch timber.