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A family business for over 100 years

The Price family has a long history in the roofing industry, starting in the early 1900s when Frank G Price (FG) worked as a civil engineer in India. While dealing with corrugated iron roofs, FG came up with an idea to solve the problem of watertightness in fixing bolts. He invented and patented the “limpet washer,” a flexible washer that adapted to the corrugated shape and effectively sealed the bolt holes. The success of this invention and the wealth it created allowed the family to return to Scotland.

In 1906, F G Price & Company was established as Merchants and Agents in Glasgow. FG’s son, Frank B Price (FB), expanded the business as major suppliers and installers of fibre cement roofing materials across the UK. FB’s son, Bill, took over in the 1960s and became known for importing and installing aluminium roofing systems. He also developed and patented the first non-combustible roofing system, Ecometal. Bill’s innovations continued with the creation of the Hi-Drain Gutter System, which does not require bolts or fixings and has been widely installed throughout the UK.

In 1987, the Ecometal business was sold to a UK PLC.

The family’s focus on innovation and quality was then passed down to the next generation, Bill’s sons Alastair, Robbie and Derek who took over the management in 2007, aiming to grow the business while maintaining the family tradition. Since 2009, Alastair’s son Gordon has been working in the business and in 2021 took over the helm, driving growth and helping to reach new heights.


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