Lagavulin Warehouse 3



Main Contractor:

Price Roofing



This project for Diageo, on the Lagavulin Warehouse, unfolded over the course of 2023. 

As the principal contractor for this project, our focus was on ensuring safety and delivering a comprehensive roofing solution. We began by installing safety and debris nets beneath the structure, complemented by a perimeter access scaffold to facilitate secure roofing works. Once the area was secured, we efficiently removed asbestos cement roof sheets in accordance with all current legislation.

The next phase involved implementing a new built-up roofing system. This included liner sheets installed on to the existing structure, a bar and bracket spacer system, insulation for the cavity, and a painted aluminum top sheet. The scope extended to incorporating rooflights, along with the necessary flashings, gutters, and downpipes. This project showcases our commitment to safety and expertise in seamlessly executing roofing transformations.